Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Apple Valley

Troubleshooting and repairing your air conditioner or heater can be stressful without the help of a trained HVAC contractor. We can diagnose the issue at Thurlow’s Heating & Air Conditioning and recommend the best repair or replacement options for your situation.

Apple Valley AC Repair and Tune-Up Services

Don’t get stuck in the heat if your air conditioner breaks down or quits cooling, call our licensed and insured air conditioning company to help get your system working again. We provide AC repair services, tune-up cooling services, freon leak detection and repair, and so much more.

Signs you need to call our Apple Valley air conditioning company for AC repair and tune-up services include:

  • Your AC unit won’t turn on
  • Your AC unit is making strange noises
  • Your AC unit is producing strange smells
  • Your AC unit turns on but doesn’t produce cool air
  • You have an unexplained increase in your electric bill

AC Repairs

If your air conditioner breaks, you need to call a trained air conditioning contractor. When you call Thurlow’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we will send one of our highly trained AC contractors to assess your air conditioning system.

We know your time is valuable, so we are able to provide you with quick and reliable service. Our technicians arrive on time and begin the diagnostic process immediately after listening to your concerns.

Following the diagnostic assessment, our home cooling contractor will recommend repairs or part replacements. We provide quick repairs to get your home cooling again. Once repairs are completed, our technician will perform follow-up tests to ensure your system runs smoothly.

AC Tune-Up Services

If your air conditioner is working but seems like it used to work better, it might be time for an air conditioner tune-up. An AC tune-up completed by an AC company can get your system cooling like new. When you call our Apple Valley AC company for a tune-up, we will send a trained technician to inspect your air conditioner. Following the inspection, the technician will make the following adjustments:

  • Check for freon leaks and system damage
  • Flush the drain
  • Check and replace air filters
  • Clean the condenser coils
  • Replace damaged or faulty parts
  • Add freon

Scheduling routine AC tune-ups could save you costly repairs and prevent a future system breakdown. Call our Apple Valley AC company to schedule an appointment if it’s been over a year since your last AC tune-up.

AC Freon Leak Service

Freon is the gas inside your air conditioner that works as a refrigerant to cool the air when it runs through your AC system. Thurlow’s cooling company will inspect your system for freon leaks during every routine tune-up. We can also make appointments to check for a freon leak if your system isn’t cooling properly between tune-ups.

If there’s a leak in your air conditioner, adding freon will help, but it won’t solve your problem in the long run. You will need AC leak detection to determine the spot of the leak. Once our technician has located the spot of the leak, they can make repairs or install replacement parts, so your AC doesn’t leak freon, and your home cools properly.

Apple Valley AC System Replacement, Installation & Equipment Services

If your air conditioner stops working and cannot be repaired by an Apple Valley HVAC company, Thurlow’s Heating and Air Conditioning can help you with AC system replacement, new AC system installation, and equipment services.

AC System Installation

We have a four-step AC system installation process to ensure you get exactly what you need without overbuying or overpaying.

Step 1: Our technician will inspect your home and system to determine which new air conditioner will work best for your needs and budget.

Step 2: We will source the air conditioner you need and plan any necessary design changes to ensure your new air conditioner will control your home’s climate at peak performance.

Step 3: Our team will install your new system with the quickest turnaround times available so you can get back to your busy schedule.

Step 4: After installing your new air conditioner, we will run extensive tests on the new system to ensure it runs at full capacity.

Brand New Condensers

When your AC system stops working, it’s possible you only need a new condenser. An AC condenser is the outside unit portion of your air conditioner system in a split-air system. If needed, we can help you order and install a new condenser.

Ductless Mini-Split AC System Installation

Many people with a window AC unit switch to a ductless mini-split AC system. Our technicians can review the advantages of installing a ductless mini-split AC system and provide installation services when the product arrives. These systems are great if you are unable to add ductwork to your home, but want to add additional cooling power.

Programmable Thermostats

In addition to new AC system installation and ductless mini-split AC system installation, our trained technicians can help install new, programmable thermostats. Programmable thermostats can help you save money on your electricity bill by automatically following a heating or cooling schedule.

Apple Valley Heater Repair

Keeping your heater in good working condition in the winter months is essential to staying warm inside when it’s cold outside. Our heating company can help you with heater repair and tune-up services. We can also help you with gravity furnace repair and replacement.

Heater Repairs and Heater Maintenance Services

You should only hire a licensed heating contractor to complete repairs and maintenance to your furnace or heating system. Our heater company only employs highly trained and reliable heater contractors to work on your heating system.

Gravity Furnace Repair Services in Apple Valley

If an existing gravity furnace system is experiencing a problem, you must call a professional furnace company for Apple Valley gravity furnace repair. Only a professional furnace contractor will be able to make the necessary repairs. If your system cannot be repaired, we can recommend a new heater system replacement.

Many homes in California have an old gravity furnace system. If your home has one of these dated systems, you should consider replacing it with a new heater system. Only consider Apple Valley gravity furnace replacement if you are working on a historical project. New heater systems can be installed to replace a dated gravity furnace system. Replacing an old gravity furnace with a new, updated system will heat your home smoothly and safely.

Apple Valley Heating Replacement

Our company also offers Apple Valley heating services for heater replacement. Our technicians will inspect your heater during our furnace service inspection. If we cannot help you with a furnace repair, we can help you with furnace replacement services.

Like with our new AC system installation, we follow a similar process to assess your existing furnace setup and determine which new furnace system you need to have installed to meet your heating needs. If your thermostat is outdated, we might recommend upgrading to a programmable thermostat to meet the needs of your new system and help you save on your heating costs.

New Heater Service: Installation & Equipment

If you are working on a home renovation, building a new home, or have a commercial project, Thurlow’s Heating & Air Conditioning can also help you with designing, ordering, and installing new heater equipment. It’s important to consult a professional Apple Valley heating contractor to ensure the heater will adequately heat your space.

Residential, Commercial & Emergency Services

Our professional heating and air conditioning services include both residential and commercial services. We can help cool and heat your home or business.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to see how we can help streamline your air conditioning and heating services for your residential and commercial projects. We can help with new system design, custom unit ordering and installation, and more.

Thurlow’s HVAC service also provides our customers with emergency AC and heating services. Don’t suffer without a working heater or air conditioner, call us for timely and reliable services.

Why Choose Thurlow’s Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Thurlow’s Heating & Air Condition is the leading HVAC company in Apple Valley. We are locally owned and operated. Our well-established and reputable air conditioner service company has proudly served the community since 1977.

We’re committed to 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee our work on every service call, system installation, and repair. Our staff is highly trained and reliable. We’re licensed, insured, and bonded. Call us today for a free estimate!